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November 15, 2012 Drop A Comment

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Gabriel Schiers. Needless to say, we didnt exactly “click” right away. I always felt like he was at my shows talking shit about us rappin. He always felt like I was disrespecting him and his music or that I wanted beef, it was just kind of awkward I suppose, because we were always just assuming things about each other instead of talking about it. One night in Bozeman, things finally got out of hand at a house party and we ended up scrapping all over the place, breaking tons of shit in the house gabe and myself arent exactly tiny dudes and eventually taking it outside for an all out “battle royal”, where gabe tore my shirt in half as I tried to smash on his head I think its made of titanium or something because it pretty much broke my hand. Anyway, our friends stepped in and broke it up before anything serious happened to either of us and we both went home. This kind of behavior continued for months, as both Gabe and I were extremely heavy drinkers at the time and frequented the same bars, we clashed over and over again and embarrassed ourselves at almost every drinking establishment in Bozeman with our fist fights, shout outs and knife threats lol. Things finally calmed down long enough for me to catch Gabe performing one night at the zebra. I watched his set and noticed something that forever changed my perspective on this person, PASSION. He gave it 120% and I could almost feel his love for hip hop as he sweated his ass off and powered through his verses with his raspy, two-packs-of-menthols-a-day-weathered voice and his excitement to be performing and doing what he loves. I dont think that Gabe knew I was even there that night but it was a huge turning point for me to see that and actually listen for once. Over the next few months, I watched Gabe grow as an artist and also become a huge driving force in the hip hop scene in his town. He was at every show, he was always supportive, always helping touring artists book shows, he was always passionate about the music and it showed. Eventually I approached Gabe, apologized and told him that I wanted to start working with him because, despite all the beef and bullshit, I really had a lot of respect for him and his music and his passion for it. We made tracks, hung out all the time, painted all the time and just had fun loving hip hop. As I am coming close to finishing Gabes new album with him, I cant help but think about all of the seemingly negative pieces of the puzzle that came together to form something positive and ultimately giving me one of my best friends in the process. I guess that all I am really saying is that beef and negativity are only as powerful as you make them, love and positivity will always find a way to break through. This little story is proof! So thanks for all the freestyle sessions at the ashtray, all the shows we have played, all the late night paint we threw into the ozone, all the skin heads we have threatened, all the harassment the Bozeman PD gave us, all the food and shelter you have given me and our Black Mask family when we were broke and on the road and for always reminding me that it really is ok to love hip hop and music with a passion. Thank you for taking this positive path of art with me Gentleman Script, I know that this new album is gonna be bangin!!

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I like living in Bozeman, Mt. The people watching is the best part of the view.
On a very nice thursday evening, After work, dusk on the horizon. After a long and equally interesting day in the life of my girlfriend and I. She having running her salon all day, and another day for me doing piercings and listening to music @the tattoo shop. 8p.m and still beautiful out. We were figuring out our plans tonight. We came up with a very romantic night consistent of, Doing Laundry, Going to wall mart and eating pizza. A quick to the laundry mat. Avery nice place, Close to my house and very convenient,. Threw a load of laundry in , watched all the people headed down our main street headed to our summer event. Music on main. A night in montana of drunkin chaos, sure to be exciting, And great people watching, we weighed our options of going and continued on our mission of errands. Walk- mart was the next stop, I know wally world stories aren’t worth mentioning, But in our defense, i must give you our shopping list.
6 pack corona
A copy of Usual suspects dvd
TIME magazine; Secret societies
*Nylons and a bag of rise- So we could make and measure the size of breast implants!
See our trips to wal mart are awesome.
Back to the laundry with our six pack. Change the laundry and throw our own tail gate party in the parking lot.
My beautiful accompianment is sun bathing her legs in the window, seat back and content. I stepped out to have a cigarette and read time magazine on the hood of the car. Having a nice conversation , sharing an open beer threw the window. Watching day become night, A car pulls up into the parking lot across the street, A large parking lot that used to serve the old grocery store. An empty lot, they driver was considerate enough to park in perfect sight for our curious eyes..
****Two girls 18-21? got out of the car and began arguing. Interrupting our peaceful conversation with controversy, it drew our attention immediately!
My eyes aren’t what they used to be but, i was getting the play by play from my accomplice. ONE GIRL JUMPS UP AND DROPS THE OTHER GIRL! Lays her down, i catch a good glimpse and run to the other side of our car to get a better view, Still clutching my corona, I crouch down, Into the mandatory fight watching position, on the balls of my feet. One punch is all it took, More yelling, and the tall male driver holding her back from attacking further. Hard to ref it from so far away. I think she K.O’d her. In a tiny white dress,laid out on a main street parking lot.
Another girl in an equally short dress, emerges from the Range Rover, helps her up, it took a minute. More yelling and one more chinese fire-drill around the car and things mellow. Enter ,random guy with no shirt…..Strutting threw the parking lot, looking harmless, despite the chaos.
Obviously still stunned girl A. walks to him, All good, no one is getting crazy. Obviously all parties are choosing sides and parting ways.
Girl A. then proceeds with her new found escort, shirtless skinny guy, to get her belongings out of the car. At this point in perfect view, She riches under her now dirty white dress. Shows ass and drops panties! To make some sort of crazy comfort adjustment, With a victorias secret bag, and other random items, she is leaving the scene, defeated.

At this point Girl A. (the knockout artist) Opens the doors, and throws many other items out, looked like good stuff too. The bonnie to my clyde mentions that we should scope the lot when they leave.
One last exchange of rounding up her goods and some yelling, everyone is leaving. Three in the car, and road stained white dress, black eye, ripped victorias secret bag, crying girl walks of with no shirt skinny guy. They round the corner still crying and talking within ear shot.
The other corner rounds the same corner right behind them.
Of course we couldn’t not go, had to, without hesitation, jumped in the car, fumbled for keys and began to follow our new favorite t.v. show around the way.
Nothing there, just a shit stained white dress and a now shirt on skinny guy smokin a camel. An excellent driver in control, we speed past, only to slow to a creep at the corner, make a left, and give long stares, with absolutely no shame, head to toe, examining the tattered duo. Geez we’re jerks.
They continue to walk past, as we come to our humanity and poorly pretend to not be looking. I’m slightly ashamed to say that we had a good hard, can’t breathe, amazing laugh. They kind were you can only say “WOW”…. “WOW”?!? so really Im not sorry at all. That shit was entertaining.
With no more action in sight, we rounded the corner once again and pulled up next to them, Rolled the window all the way down, and offered them a cold Corona.
Immediately she said yes, We both shot them smiles of understanding. At the same moment noticing that she had a horrible wig on, dirty and falling off.

No more laughs, we were done. Hoping the beer would put a happier ending on the story that for sure would be rehashed over and over. We drove back to get our laundry.

*I had to share, honestly just a little writing exercise also, that I assigned myself as homework.
Thanks for the read. G.S.

P.S. we did scope the lot on the way back, nothin good except a bottle of perfume that we saw three skater guys pick up n their walk through. ……Crazy

Mic Fiend…By Gentleman Script -Single- | Black Mask. New music from me and producer Maulskull. I haven’t heard this since the day we recorded it. It is a little gift to hear it again.

I have to say this, fans, friends and family are so wonderful to have for support, acceptance and feedback.

There is nothing that compares to a producer that has faith in your music and talent. Maulskull believed in my music when it was not up to par, when there was raw talent but no direction. I had a chip on my shoulder and it showed through in the songs I was making.  He gave me a shot to make music, not just spit rhymes, he put his thought heart sole time money and effort into this project. I took this opportunity and ran with it. This is a leak from our new album listen and enjoy. I can take criticism, so please feel free to share your thoughts. Thank you for your continued support.

Nas Says… | “Daughters” – Produced by NO-I.D..  This was a breathe of fresh air from one of the greatest. I love hearing a vunerable aspect from anyone in the such a position. Nothing will bring a man to realize his character more than the love of his daughter.


Upcoming show.

April 16, 2012 Drop A Comment

Death By Thr33s Vol 2 | Black Mask.




Che guvera with bling on, I’m complex

Bling in hip-hop.

People talk about this subject constantly in music. weather in the positive or the negative.
as a matter of fact, go to a song in your itunes, genre, hip-hop, select a song at random. In listening to the whole thing I am willing to bet there is a reference to “bling” or material possessions. Weather it is to the negative or the affirmative,Almost all artist have something to say about it, from the over boasts of jay-z.
“…Money cars and clothes/ I’m from the hood stupid/ what type of facts are those”
to the quips of dead prez
“a lexus or justice// a dream or some substance.”
Not only in the lyrics themselves, but each individual artists physical appearance, or even more so what they want the masses to perceive.
Instant judgement, like it or not, comes from that glimpse we see of hip hoppers. The corny dress, over exaggerated fashions and styles of the new bees, mac miller, soldier boy, asher roth. lead us to think of them as fun, and so up on the times that they are ahead of their time. Bright colors, big face watches and tight jeans. (f*ckin tight jeans, whole other blog!) .
While the classic styles of, jay-z’s kanye west’s and Fat joe’s, allow us to believe in the hand over fist money that is associated with main stream hip hop. Rolex’s maybachs, 3K jeans and designer glasses, custom made jewelry and over priced liquor.
The back packer styles of Talib Kweli, Murs and the Roots allow us to instantly look pass the fashion and at the artist, an anomaly in their own right, How could someone with so much style and eccentricity in their music keep it so simple?
The grim and grit of wu-tang, nappy roots and mobb deep let us see the street style that almost always seem to hit the fashion pages the following season, timerland boots and army fatigues.
There are many different ways to throw groupings and names on all the trends of hip hop culture. Even the trend setters will immediately find a group to be thrown into. When I was a young buck there were no such titles as, “baller” “back packer” and there sure is shit was no Swag!

Now some would love nothing more than to immediately discredit any artist with an expensive chain around their neck. While others would love to see if those skinny jeans can be used to soak up a bloody nose from the punch in the face. Cops would like to see if a street thug can really run in over sized jeans and unlaced boots, and many just want to know “what the fuck is in the backpack man?” All predictions and stereo types a side there is an underlining factor in all these groupings. these are fashion trends and material object, weather expensive or not, to personify a image. FACT.

Of course, we as the listener//fan fall for it all hook line and sinker. We love to see the expensive cars in the videos, we like the shinny things and elaborate party scenes. We love the artsy fartsy feel of an OFWGKA video, We amp our selves up over the feel of a dirty south outkast video and gritty street anthem. These are all images and trends we embrace, some simply love to “hate” them, but still show the clip or the over the top jeweled piece to the first person that will hear their rant. ( I bet you can’t find sierra leon on the map!) There is always a reason to remark or imitate the trends we see, we are interested, genuinely interested. We like to get to know the artist, then decide if we really want to like them. At this point I’d like to share a few personal facts about myself, then I’ll get to the reason I decided to write about this topic.

Some of you reading know me very well, thank you. Some of you reading are just getting to know the artist Gentleman Script and are supporting, Really thank you! and some still have no idea who i am , but if you’ve made it this far you have probably formed some opinion from listening to the music or seeing a live show, (thank you)
If I had to throw myself into a category I’d have to say I’m a classic “backpack” hip hopper with a little abstract poetic delivery, a bit of an eccentric but still pretty roots. I practice all 4 elements of hip hop as often as possible, and keep it no- logo hooded sweet-shirts, baggy jeans and shell toes. you won’t find me wearing the latest brand, or overpaying for anything for the name on it, and yes I take the sticker off of my flat brimmed hat. You’ll also catch me in a dickies suit with a initial belt buckle on and some nike cortez.

What you may not be able to tell from a show or a appearance is maybe what defines me even more-so. Let’s start from the really eccentric- I LOVE CARS, not necessarily the expensive car, but the over the top styles. I spent many years of my life touring lowrider events and building Lowriders, including chopping down a 4wheel drive blazer to make it a lowrider on the snow covered streets of wyoming. To my first car, a ’76 mercedes 450sel. a huge bulletproof body style that I immediately lowered, put rims on and added hydraulics to make the whole thing move and bounce. A little crazy for kid that won’t wear a logo. Another thing about me, yup, obsessed with jewelry!, I am a professional piercer and If I had the option of using exotic stones and platinum in every piercing I did, I would! I personally have a nice collection of serious stones and chains, many are family business, some I had to have, I have a grill and a 4 finger ring to boot! You won’t catch me wearing them often, and If you do, I will tell you “oh ya they’re fake, I’d never wear a diamond that big” As far as money goes, yup, I like that too. Mostly I love not having to say no when my littles ask for something. As far as guns go…..Homie I’m from the rocky mountains, you do the math! You won’t see many of these things shine through in my music, as sometimes you won’t see philosophy shine through in some very intelligent peoples music. Here’s what I’m getting at…….

Although we see and perceive material things as not being hip-hop, we also judge and assume much when we do look at the image provided by the artist. I don’t know if this is truly a debate or not but as a topic of conversation it is brought up often. Here’s what I’ve come up with and again, I don’t know it all, but I do live a hip hop lifestyle and although these things seem irrelevant to some, to us heads these random topics are the foundation of our highly intelligent debates.


If you truly believe that gold chains, diamond everything, expensive clothes, top notch cars and over priced liquor have nothing to do with hip hop- Well… I think you should go tell that to SLICK RICK’s diamond eye patch, and have a conversation with RUN DMC’s Gold chain, maybe take a ride in Fab 5′s rolls royce.
On the flip side, If you think the odd styles of odd future and Lupe Fiasco have no place in hip hop…Then maybe you need to take a good look at GEORGE CLINTON and AFRICAN BAM, If you believe that being an odd eccentric is not a part off hip hop….well damn, that is what hip hop is to me. Originality and creative stylings.

There is space for it all. this after all is the ever changing culture we live in. We embrace the odd, accept the very odd, and speak up when we feel we are not being represented fairly. I’d love to hear some feedback on this one let me know what yall think.